"A true blending of real life interactions and smart devices."

What we do

We deliver mobile board games playable anywhere with IRL friends using smartphones and tablets. It makes for easier learning curve and keep the games fast and simple.

How we do it

Our apps are crossplatform, available on iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets. No internet connection is required since our engine connect players with bluetooth or local Wifi.


Virtual Poker Table

Mobile cross-platform poker cards, chips and dealer

No more need for chips and cards or managing deals, blinds and pots. Just use any device to open or join a table: in your living room on the couch, in the plane, a train or at the beach... Playing poker on the go has never been easier!

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Among Humans

A fast-paced hidden identity mobile board game inspired by the famous One Night Werewolf.

In a world where ancient gods lost their powers, they have no choice but to incarnate on earth. Unfortunatly, some humans have heard of it... And they're coming to hunt them!
Keep your identity secret and try to find out and outsmart the ennemy by any means necessary.

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The One - Party Game

Find out what your friends really think of you!
A fast and fun party game to play with friends or family.

Answer random questions about everyday life and nominate the one that fit the most.
More than 500 questions for hours of fun!
2 game modes: get points when you are nominated or when you vote as the majority.
Cookie mode: get notified to take a cookie when your are nominated.
Family friendly: avoid awkward or trash questions when playing with your relatives.

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The Team


Nicolas Lacourt

Co-Founder & Developer

Gary Villemon

Co-Founder & Designer